Welcome To Reema !

REEMA by far is the leading fast Moving consumer paper distribution of sanitary paper converting, FMCG Sales & distribution Operation in west bank, Jerusalem & Israel as a part of a vision to extended operations to other cities. We are a highly efficient systemized company that provides and distributes leading quality of all types of toilet paper, handkerchiefs, facial tissues, industrial toilet paper and paper hand towels that fulfill consumer needs.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our management and sales staff ,who in addition to our financial strength and our resources which enabled us to secure and service sole distribution rights for our local brands such as Softy, Reemex, Reema ,Alaa Deen and Diana. We are producing and sell more than 40 sanitary paper product items under several brand names and we also distribute other related products through our recourses, dependability on customer focused approach; Reema has consistently delivered a record sales and continuous growth in the market year after year.

ESTABLISHED in Ramallah (Palestine) 1982

OWNERSHIP: Privately owned by a group of five leading Palestinian entrepreneurs

MAIN ACTIVITY: Sanitary paper converting, FMCG sales and distribution


Directors Board


Mahmoud Haj Abed
Born in 1936
At the head of the company since 1985

Nabil Haj Abed
Born in 1962
Joined the company in 1994

Jadallah Jadallah
Born in 1970
Joined the company in 2000